For Teams

If you represent a collective or a team, interest group or club, our stickers will be useful wherever it is needed to identify or find your clothes, shoes or objects.

Stickers can be used to print on label the name of the team or collective and for identification of pupils or students clothes in sports or wardrobe bag. They can help to identify the club and the various disciplines. Labels can be applied in schools and be useful in the children's care homes, as well as old people's homes.

For specific teams offered price, ask, please, price list pasutijumi [at] stickme [dot] lv.

Fill an order form here. The completed form, please save in your PC and send to the above e-mail address or upload in form below.

If you wish to contact and make possible other wishes, please write to info [at] stickme [dot] lv or call 00371-29479045.