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- Can iron on clothing with labels be washed?
Yes, can be washed in the washing machine. Iron on clothing label and the printed text will remain intact.

- Stickers-quotes for shoes – can they be glued to the objects?
Of course, you can. If you do not need extra protection, a transparent film on top can also waive the requirement.

- Can you order the stickers with the initials embroidered?
Yes, you can, for example, for national costumes. Then it will be a ribbon with the letters, which you sew to clothes. This time, fill in the form of non-standard orders.

- Iron on clothing labels may also be made of another material?
Yes, satin labels are modern and elegant look.

- Can I make labels for jars of honey?
Yes, you can. Fill in form to the non-standard orders, including not only text but also the location of text on the label. Preferably an electronic annex to the example of the label you want.

- Objects stickers for summer tourism equipment will not fall down from sweat?
Body in summer time sweats and in contact with labels (for example, a mobile phone in hand), stickers will not fall off. Labels and color can vary; it can smear along sweaty hands.

- What are the labels best use for office equipment and furniture marking?
If you want to discrete marking, the more valuable will be transparent film labels. Conversely, if the label is not visible and the idea is to find a quick and cheap solution, the paper labels will be optimal.

- Can my child participate in shaping the design of labels on the computer?
Yes, of course, children can already do this. Parents need to contact us info [at] stickme [dot] lv and arrange details.

- Are the labels can be sent to the children's summer camp in Israel?
Of course, can be delivered anywhere in the world, where the supply by mail is functioning.

- Are finished products can be obtained by mail through the Postal Station?
Yes, the order at the comments it should be noted, specifying the location of postal station.

Yes, the pony is living in Latvia, Bauska region, Īslīces parish Mazkalniņos ".Tel. 26253226

- We are a rural tourist destination - can rented sports equipment be marked?

Of course you can, and object labels/stickers for this purpose looks very nice.