Stickers can be ordered from the website under the proposed number of labels.

The number of labels can vary significantly for the teams and those who need non-standard orders.

Our company can offer four options for Label text fonts printing and three options for text colors. To view from a distance would be better for shoe labels text the only color is black.

For especially small children who can not read yet- in those cases the symbols will help to identify his/her items – pictures.

You can choose from items of clothing shoes and stickers. Their diversity we will try to gradually expand.

Pricing and ordering

Shipping costs in Latvian territory is 2. 00 EUR. Shipping costs in other continental Europe - 5 EUR

When ordering stickers on our website, in an indicated e-mail address you will receive a prepaid account. If you want to receive printed bills by mail, please type it in order comments section.

The order is fulfilled within 15 working days after billing.

If the order is completed, but payment is not received, the order is active for 30 calendar days. Then it will be canceled from the system files.

Collective and non-standard orders, requested to e-mail address, will be in addition supplied with order forms and price lists. These stickers can be ordered by filling out an order form and sending it to pasutijumi [at] stickme [dot] lv pasutijumi [at] stickme [dot] lv.

We are always ready to consider your other needs or opportunities for cooperation. Please write us info [at] stickme [dot] lv or call 00371-29454245 .

Label properties

Labels and stickers are light and moisture safe.

Iron on labels together with the clothes can be washed in the washing machine. Please be ware for washing the clothes under the proposed arrangements! Label strength is tested and the appropriate UK BS5742 washing test.

Stickers can be glued to any material that can not be washed in automatic washing cycles.

Shoe labels covered with a protective film is resistant against the heat and friction of legs.


Iron on clothing labels

1. Remove the label from the base, place it to dry clothes with pictures/text on the top in proposed place where you want it to be.

2. Gently push the label 130 -170 degrees Celsius heated iron (temperature controller state average or wool) without steam for 10 - 15 seconds.
3. Do not move the iron.
4. Then take of the iron from the label and let cool that label.
5. Repeat step 2, 3 and 4th operation two more times.

Putting iron on label on the thin tissue, between the iron and label please use fabric. It is preferable to wash the clothes not less than 12 hours after above process.

Stickers (object labels)

Remove the sticker from the backing paper and stick to the personal property. Stickers are not suitable for dishwasher.

Shoe Labels

Shoe labels have a strong adhesive backing inside so the shoe sticker will be well-kept. Follow that the adhesive surface of the shoe should be clean and dry.

Remove the label from the backing and carefully paste in place.
Stick on top the clear coating that protects the label of the foot work.