You would like to find kids cup, towel or jacket at kindergarten between another items like;

You would like help for small school kid realize responsibility for a penal from another pupil in his bag;

You would like to be sure for daughters special dancing shoes or Dads T-shirt be at home after activities;

You would like to get back missing Grandmothers valet or raincoat;

We are ready to help you!

Feeling bad after missing some valuable items and understanding in a moment necessity for personal information on it in order to get back the value!

For a Big problem we have find a Great solution. Our labels with names, school address, sport club logo, old people house code will give necessary information for another people. We are offering labels for shoes, iron on labels, and labels for small and bigger items.

New generation iron on labels will give you comfortable wearing without awareness of washing machine type and model. “Feet type” shoe labels will fit with fashionable items and give water proof quality. Other items will look great with strong and nice name labels.

We will always find our, mine and yours darling items at their place!